Affiliate Program Questions & Answers:

Q: What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

A: An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant who compensates you for any sales you send the merchant from links on your site. This is an easy way to earn money from your site, without going through the expense of setting up an e-commerce infrastructure.

Q: How can I join

A: Simply register on this site. Typically there is a 24-hour approval process. Once approved you will receive a welcome mailer and get access to an affiliate portal. Here you can view and change your personal information, view your accounts, download banners, pop-ups, marketing material and promotional e-mails for inclusion in your website.

Q: Are there any fees or hidden costs associated with joining the Program?

A: No, absolutely not. It is free to sign up, free to promote and free to use our standard promotional materials.

Q: Do I have to sign up for every casino brand separately?

A: No, we like to keep things simple. Once you account is approved, you're able to promote any of our present or future casino sites with one account number and login credentials.

Q: I don't have a website. Can I still open an account?

A: Yes. Offline advertising is a very profitable and important part of our industry, and AffiliateBoosters can work with you to design marketing materials that will be successful in your market. Contact us about the opportunities of offline advertising or mailing lists.

Q: Are Online Casinos and Poker Rooms legal?

A: There is no legislation in the US, or in any of the other markets in which our casino brands are active that governs online gambling. Our clients are licensed in the jurisdictions in which they are based and as an affiliate, you are only a marketing partner and thus earn your revenue from advertising - just like the major portals that host casino advertising. Moreover, all our online casino brands do not accept players from the United States, so you will have nothing to do with the US laws and regulations which govern online gambling at all.

Q: Can I promote more than one Brand?

A: When you are accepted into the program you will be given the opportunity to promote all our casino clients, this we encourage. The more you promote, the more you can earn!

Q: How do I earn money by the players that I have referred?

A: When a player wagers money on the site you will be allocated a percentage of the wagers lost by the referred player. In poker, you will earn a percentage of the rake generated by the referred player.

Q: How do you track the players that I refer?

A: The banner tags, e-mails and other promotional material that you download from your personal marketing resources page on our affiliate website are embedded with your personal affiliate tracking code, as well as displayed as specially coded tracking urls you can use. AffiliateBoosters makes use of session tracking for all purposes. When players you refer visit the client's website for the first time, this tag (session) is captured by the player tracking software. Any further activity in the casino by this player will then be allocated to this tag. You will then be credited for all income generated by the player.

Q: Where do I get customer support?

A: We offer 24-hour, 7 days a week telephone support to our Customers on:
(US/CANADA toll free number). Alternatively you can Contact Us by clicking on our Live Chat button to open instant chat session with one of our affiliate specialists, or you can fill out our affiliate "Contact us" form available on this site.

Commission and Payment Questions & Answers:

Q: How much commission do you pay?

A: pays top industry commission rates starting from 35%. Our commission rates are scalable. Please refer to our "Commissions" page on this website.

Q: Do you offer CPA (cost per player) payout scheme?

A: No, at this time only revenue share commission is available.

Q: How often do you send payments to affiliates?

A: Commission payments to our affiliates are sent on the 5th business day of every month.

Q: How do I know how much money I'm making?

A: We provide real-time online statistics for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Log in with your username and password to our secure affiliate stats page to see how much you've earned.

Q: What information is displayed on my affiliate stats page?

A: displays a very detailed statistic analysis for our affiliates in real time, 24x7. You will be able to view the exact number of impressions, clicks, downloads, signups of Real and Fun accounts, and of course, your share of the profit. These stats will enable you to judge whether or not certain marketing strategies and campaigns work well for you.

Q: How do you calculate my commission?

A: You will make % commission of the Net-Revenue for every player you bring in. The way we calculate the commission is simple. Casino Net-Win is defined as gross bets minus payout (calculated using the client software), derived from any real transaction with a linking visitor in which revenue is paid or credited to the client, minus: (1) charge backs and discretionary returns; (2) sign up bonuses; and (3) promotional bonuses. For Poker, net gaming is defined as rakes and tournament fees minus chargebacks and bonuses.


A player purchases $500 in casino chips and receives $100 Free Bonus. He wagers and looses $400, then withdraws the remaining $200.

The Net-Revenue would be calculated as follows:

Net-Win (= amount the player lost) $400 less Bonus received $100 = Net-Revenue $300. Your commission would be 35% of $300 = $105.

Q: I see that new Real Money accounts were created, but there was no money there for me. Why?

A: In this case, players you referred downloaded the casino software and opened Real Money accounts indeed, but at the time the stats were updated, these players had not yet wagered or lost any money. Be patient and log on to check your stats at a later time.

Q: Is it possible for me to lose money by advertising your clients?

A: Online casinos can lose money, but it is very rare and would happen in the short term only. In any case, all our casino partners assume all liability, meaning that this is a risk-free affiliate program for you as an affiliate. If the players you referred to us win, you will not be asked to reimburse us at any time. We will deduct those winning amounts from your balance with us, but we will not ask you to pay us back anything, even if you stop promoting us. You can be sure, though, that the commission program is much more profitable than any other advertising programs, in the long term.

Q: What different payment options are there?

A: currently has the following payment methods on offer:

- Visa/Mastercard
- Neteller
- Moneybookers
- Entropay
- Ecocard
- Ukash
- Western Union
- MoneyGram
- Wire Transfer

Q: In what currencies do you pay commissions?

A: All our affiliate commission payments are made in US Dollars.

Q: How much do I need to earn before I get paid?

A: Payments will be made to accounts that have a balance of $50 or more at the end of the month, depending on the withdrawal method as shown below:

  Neteller: $50
  Ukash: $50
  Moneybookers: $100
  Ecocard: $100
  Wire Transfer: $1000

Q: What are the processing fees associated with my commission payments?

A: Unlike most casino affiliate programs, AffiliateBoosters does not withhold any commissions and does not charge processing fees associated with your commissions.

Marketing Material Questions & Answers:

Q:Where do I find marketing tools?

A: After you login to the affiliate section on our web site, go to Marketing Tools. Choose the casino you want to promote in the drop-down-list. Automatically we display numerous marketing creatives, such as banners, mailers, flash-banners etc. in different sizes. Pick the one that best suits your needs. After clicking on the banner, a new window will pop up. It shows the respective HTML code. All you have to do is copy and paste the code onto your web site. Your unique affiliate tracking ID is already embedded in the code. Alternatively you can download the banner images and upload them manually into your website, assigning the specially coded tracking URL to them, as it is shown next to the creative you download.

Q: What marketing material do you provide?

A: We offer an extensive selection of marketing creatives for all of our partner brands. You can choose from a selection of banners, flash-banners, buttons etc. in different styles and sizes. To view the marketing tools, go to Marketing Tools after login and select the casino brand you plan to promote.

Q: Where do I get my unique affiliate tracking ID?

A: We like to keep things simple for our affiliates. That's why we already embedded the unique affiliate tracking ID in all of our marketing creative. There's no need to enter any additional code. But if you still want to use the specially encoded tracking URL, you will see it right next to the marketing creative you choose.

Q: Do you offer bonuses for potential players?

A: Yes. It's in our own interest to help our affiliates become successful with our program. That's why we actively help them by offering attractive and generous bonuses to their web site visitors. Our partner casinos bonuses vary from time to time, and can be up to 100% (or $777) of the player's deposit. Moreover, we pay additional cashback bonuses of up to 100%, and free cash bonuses to the new players, with no deposit required. For details on the different offers per casino, please visit Our Brands section on our web site.

Q: How many players do I have to refer?

A: Currently we do not have any minimum requirements in terms of referral numbers. Of course it's in you own interest to refer as many players as possible. The more real money players you send our way, the more money you will make!

Q: How do I request customized banners and other creatives?

A: If you need a banner or any other custom creative that you don't see on the Marketing Resources section, please contact us and we will make it for you.

Technical Questions & Answers:

Q: How is my personal financial information secured with AffiliateBoosters casinos?

A: Our partners casino software uses 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) digital encryption to protect the details of your credit card transactions over the Internet. This is the Internet security standard for online transactions as required by major financial institutions world-wide.

Q: Why can't I log-in to the website?

A: If you are sure your login username and password are correct, make sure your internet browser is configured to accept "cookies" by going to your Browser program "Tools", then "Options", then "Privacy" and set it to "accept all cookies".

If the above F.A.Q. did not answer your question, please contact us.

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